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Biosoil Bioscreen

Effective processing of large-scale groundwater contamination or groundwater pluming in highly permeable soil requires extensive measures, such as an effective bioscreen. This consists of a row of vertical filters perpendicular to the direction of groundwater flow. The screen is dosed with nutrients. When passing through the screen, pollutants moving through the screen are biodegraded into harmless end products, thus preventing dissemination of contaminants.


  • Sustainable
  • Little adverse effect on surroundings and self-management
  • High yield achievable
  • Usable for plume approach (bioscreen)
  • Low operating costs

The total solution company
for soil remediation

The Biosoil bioscreen is highly suitable for plume containment at:

(Petrochemical) industrial site | Petrol station | Waste management facilities and landfills | Urban areas | Natural reserves